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hydraulic cylinder for telescopic boom lift
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The telescopic boom lift is refitted from a lifting platform and a car. The lifting of the platform is conducted by the power of the car engine. The lift has the characteristics of large operating range and long operation time. It is especially suitable for field maintenance, street lamp maintenance, trimming trees, etc.


levelling cylinder



adjustment cylinder


supporting cylinder


steering cylinder



• Apply with compact structure design and high-strength material to improve the lightweight performance of the cylinder

• Provide a variety of electroplating methods: Ni/Cr electroplating, QPQ, etc., salt spray test grade 9 and 96 hours.

The temperature design range is -45℃~+120, customized service for higher or lower temperature is available.

• The professional seal design ensures smooth operation of cylinder without shaking in a low speed.

• Integrated forging connection parts enhances the strength of connectors and extends the service life

• Adopt imported carbon fiber composite sleeve for better wear resistance and corrosion resistance

• Various hydraulic locks, balance valves, sequence valves, relief valves and other components can be integrated according to customers’ needs.