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The ladder truck is a special operation vehicle for carrying materials upstairs with the onboard ladder equipment. The car is mainly used for project leasing, curtain wall construction, roof waterproofing, solar device installation, power maintenance, air conditioning installation, cement sand and gravel handling, ship maintenance, road and bridge maintenance, etc. The truck is mainly composed of three kinds of hydraulic cylinders: front supporting cylinder, rear supporting oil cylinder, and lifting cylinder.

supporting cylinder


lifting cylinder


1. Advanced and reliable sealing system. Adopts imported sealing brand, which has the characteristics of high-speed wear resistance and long service life.

2. The cylinder barrel is made of high-strength cold-drawn material, and the welding structure is reliable, which improves the overall strength of the cylinder.

3. The piston rod adopts an advanced electroplating process and with salt spray test grade 9/96 hours, to enhance the anti-corrosion and wear-resisting performance.

4. The cylinder adopts multiple anti-loosening structures to ensure the reliable operation of each component without falling off.